About Us


As KRGL Textile, we produce high quality ready-to-wear products for our corporate customers with our experience of more than a quarter century, our technological infrastructure and strong human resources.

We create impressive designs then we turn these designs into products that fit perfectly, and bring these models to life with our simple and flexible production system. When you work with us, you know that everything is under control, you can be sure of the quality of the products, you can focus on the sales, which is your main business.

Below, our employees have a message for you. You will also find the introduction of some of our departments, our vision, goals and values, which are the products of a deep philosophy. You can visit our FAQ page for questions you have in mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for more!

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From Our Employees

What sets us apart is what we have accomplished together. We are perfectionists. We are idealist. We are inventor.

Being one of Turkey's largest garment manufacturer and we set out to inspire to the next ones. We are always looking for better while constantly trying to improve our services and processes. Whether you work in the head office, contact offices or workshops: Working in KRGL is challenging. But also brilliant ideas, original thinking and diligence are rewarded. We would not want it to be any other way."

In our opinion, if you are looking for a Garment Manufacturer, you need much more than a manufacturer. You need a company that can understand your needs and expectations, guide you, use new technologies but know the value of a phone call, that you will have the opportunity to get to know closely and see them as a department of your company with the benefits which they provide. Here we are for this!


The difference between good design and great design is “genius”. Although we are one of the manufacturers that use technology the most, the source of our designs is our genius. Our design unit is our magic center where we show our genius. We know well the dynamics of the design. We have an upper mind that can read the trends set by human nature and changing expectations, notion of beauty and value.

We know well that genius cannot be imitated. Thanks to our genius, we are always one step ahead. Our talented designers fed from this unique source, produce striking designs.

Designs visualized with 3D software are sent to the sampling unit to be transformed into perfect fit products.


Fitting the body is as important as the appearance of a good design. We turn the striking designs of our talented designers into products that fit the body of the target customer profile perfectly.

Whether you bring us a sample dress or a drawing on a paper... All the jobs we receive are digitized to be worked on it by us. The pattern of the design is prepared considering the target customer profile and the materials to be used then high precision critics are made by dressed on a virtual model which is body sizes are decided by the customer. The sample of the product, which all possible fitting errors are corrected in digital environment, is sewn. The sampling series, model chart and production manuel of the product, which is finalized with the evaluations made with the customer, are prepared and sent to the Planning.


Timely delivery is one of the most important commitments of our company. Planning ensures that orders are delivered at the promised time.

Thanks to our technological infrastructure and industry know-how, we work in harmony with our supply chain, warehouse and workshops.

The lean and flexible production system we have developed plays a key role in timely delivery of orders. We constantly monitor our production capacity and stock level then optimize according to the need.

Thanks our planning ability, after the approval of the Order Contract, the production and material supply program is created.


Continuity in production, efficiency in sources. This motto forms the philosophy of our lean and flexible production system that we have developed.

No matter how good a design looks, all this planned work and labor will be wasted if you do not apply the manuel prepared by sampling unit, if you do not consider the customer's production standards or if you do not apply a high standard of production methodology. We work by taking these sensitivities into account. The products which sewing is completed are sent to the Finishing Unit for retouching, ironing, labeling and packaging processes are carried out.

The entire production process is monitored by Quality Control, and thanks to the regularly generated reports, corrective actions that are the key to continuous improvement are initiated.

Our Vision and Strategy