Why us?

If you are planning to make a ready to wear produced, you need a lot more than a garment company… You need a reliable business partner who can understand your needs and expectations, add value to your products by transforming your designs into perfect-fit models with years of model accumulation, and ensure that you receive repeat orders from your customers by making faultless productions with lean manufacturing methods, new technologies and qualified human resources. We promise you these!

How do we do?

We think it's very easy! With our stylists, modelers and designers with extraordinary talents, our R&D laboratory that always looks for the best, with our supply chain that provides uninterrupted production, our lean production system we have developed, our qualified human resources and reliable business partners who are constantly trained... We offer perfect products and flexible capacity for your business.

Just send us your design or idea, the sizes and quantities you want. After signing a Confidentiality Agreement that will ensure the trust between us, the entire process is managed by the Customer Representative appointed for you. Your models are prepared and presented for your approval. After the corrections are completed, your proposal is sent to you. After your approval, material is supplied and your order is delivered to you on the promised date in our offer.

We get paid by bank transfer and credit card. After the order confirmation, we collect 50% of the payment and the remaining 50% after the order is loaded.

Delivery time varies depending on the number of orders, but it is maximum 1 month after order confirmation. We also prevent you from having surprises by securing our delivery date promise with the Order Agreement.

We know well that when we start working with a customer, the foundations of a business partnership based on years are laid. In this regard, we are a little picky! If we start working with one of our customers, we avoid evaluating incoming orders individually and conduct a trade based on the win-win principle.

Rest assured, we can do much more. Our designers, who follow the trends closely, present the designs they prepared for you, prepare a virtual fashion show with what you see fit and deliver it to you in the form of a video file. The qualities of the models that come on the podium in the virtual fashion show are adjusted according to the targeted customer base.

We have a very wide portfolio. We specialize in women's, men's and children's outerwear. All types of evening dresses, dresses, jackets, vests, shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, shorts, T-shirts… and much more!